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The present recording features both one of the longest and one of the shortest quartets in the string quartet repertoire. There is no denying that Schubert's last string quartet is great in every sense of the word, but Beethoven's “Quartetto Serioso”, although minor in size, is by no means dwarfed by it when it comes to sheer artistic quality; both quartets are indeed major works and a staple on the diet of any string quartet of merit. Even so, the concept of minor and major immediately springs to mind when contemplating putting these two completely different masterpieces on the same album. Duration apart, there is the obvious question of tonality: one work in F minor, the other in G major, which is simple enough and by itself justifies the album title. But things get more complicated the moment we subject the two works to a closer scrutiny.

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827) Quartet no. 11 in F minor op. 95
Franz Schubert (1797–1828) Quartet no. 15 in G major D887 op. 161


The Schubert Connection

The String Quartet in G minor by Edvard Grieg is quite unlike other string quartets. Indeed, its originality is so marked that it is easy to imagine it has no predecessor in the string quartet repertoire. However, since no quartet is written in isolation from what has gone before, it must be assumed that some work, or works, in the string quartet tradition served as a model for Grieg. It is strange that no effort has been made by musicologists or others to enquire into this. Until now, that is. By placing side by side two works that at first sight seem fairly different, this recording aims to bring into the open, for the first time, the fascinating details that link them.

Franz Schubert (1797-1828): String Quartet No. 14 in D minor, D. 810

Edvard Grieg (1843-1907): String Quartet in G Minor, Op. 27
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Oslo String Quartet Jumping Wide

Fabra, FBRCD-08 (2010/11)
Popular tunes arranged for String Quartet by Øystein Sonstad

Isa Gericke, soprano
Ernesto Manuitt Hernádez, vocal
Recording from Sofienberg Kirke in Oslo.
Producer and engineer: Jørn Pedersen
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Fabra, FBRCD-08 (2010/11)


Grieg Revisited

Fabra, FBRCD-06 (2010)
Grieg: Ballad, Bergljot and Quartet in F
Lise Fjeldstad, narrator
Recorded and produced by Jørn Pedersen.
Recording from Sofienberg Kirke in Oslo, January and March 2010
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Wilhelm Stenhammar: String Quartets 3-6

CPO: 7774262 Double cd/sacd
Recorded in Jar Kirke in Oslo 2006 & 2007
Producer: Jørn Pedersen
Engineer: Goeff Miles
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"Oslo Strykekvartett faller oppover"

Oslo Stringquartet plays a collection of popular tunes arranged for String Quartet.
Recorded in Lommedalen Church by Andrew Hallifax
Mastered by Audun Strype
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Voces Intimae

Jean Sibelius: String Quartet "Voces Intimae"
Hugo Wolf: "Italian Serenade"
Alban Berg: "Lyric Suite"
Recorded in Lommedalen Church February 2002
Producer: Jørn Pedersen
Engineer Goeff Miles
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Johan Svendsen: String Quartet and Quintet

Quartet in A minor op. 1
Quintet in C major op. 5
Recorded in Østsiden Kirke in Fredrikstad February 2001
Producer: Krzysztof Drab, engineer Geoff Miles

(CPO 999858)


The Silver Cord

Magnar Åm: Sølvtråden (The Silver Cord)
Ragnar Söderlind: Quartetto No. 2, Op. 71
Lasse Thoresen: Aion
Recorded in Eidsvoll Church
Producer: Krzysztof Drab
Engineer Erik Gard Amundsen
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Carl Nielsen: String quartets VOL.1

Oslo String Quartet
Recorded in Ris Church in Oslo April 1997 by Morten Lindberg
Producer: Krzysztof Drab
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NAXOS 8.553907


Carl Nielsen: String quartets VOL.2

Oslo String Quartet
Recorded in Ris Church in Oslo May 1998 by Morten Lindberg
Producer: Krzysztof Drab
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NAXOS 8.553908.


Norwegian 20th-cent. String quartets

Oslo String Quartet.
Kvandal, Janson, Egge and Valen.
Recorded in Sofienberg Church in Oslo December 1995 by Morten Lindberg.
Producer: Sean Lewis. Released 2000
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NAXOS 8.554384.


Grieg, Monrad Johansen: String quartets

The very first Oslo String Quartet album
Recorded in Main Studio, NRK Oslo, October 1993
Producer: Krzysztof Drab

NAXOS 8.550879


Knut Nystedt:String quartets

Oslo String Quartet
Recorded by Pro Musica/ Jørn Pedersen in January 1994 in Salen, Ski
Producer: Krzyzstof Drab